Change bullet hover: last edited date format from US to ISO8601

This is not critical. But when I hover over a bullet point to view the last edited/created date, it is in US format: mm/dd/yyyy. For me (and probably any non-US people) this is mildly annoying.

I’m not proposing to change it to European format dd/mm/yyyy but instead to use the amazing and superior ISO 8601 format: yyyy-mm-dd

I could never explain this as well as XKCD:

Similar request:

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I think making it customizable would cover your request. Is that correct?

Date format is always a convention and I don’t think there exists the absolutely superior format. That’s why we offer the custom date format option.

Yes, that would indeed cover my request.

But it’s a lot more work than changing the current format to ISO.
As to superiority: If you sort the date format as strings, ISO 8601 is the only one that would sort chronologically correct. :stuck_out_tongue:

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We’d rather not change it twice if we eventually want to make it fully customizable. Happy to do it since the custom version doesn’t take much more effort.

The biggest problem to sort out is that if the user were to go for the “relative” date format, these strings need to be updated constantly. It can be a performance hit; I hope it won’t be too bad.