Catalog with Custom CSS samples

Can we have a kind of knowledge base / catalog / portfolio / templates repository (you name it) with some examples of Custom CSS with a description of what they do? Ideally it could also have a screenshot.

This would facilitate things a lot as one could easily find or get inspiration to create own set of CSS scripts. I’m not familiar with CSS coding and can’t even write any from scratch, so I always rely on the ones that someone else has already created.

Perhaps there’s one already, but I’m not aware of. Just an idea. Thanks!

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Take a look at these -

And the help section on custom CSS -

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Yes, I knew about those links already. But I never really attempted, until now, to go to Userstyles and use the “Show CSS”, then copy it and paste it on Dynalist. Then seeing the magic happening.

Well, nevermind. I realized it would be totally unnecessary, useless and bloated if there existed something like that. I should acquire more knowledge in CSS basic coding stuff in the first place rather than looking for alternatives to my lack of knowledge, or the easy way out… CSS is supposed to be used by some experienced users anyway. Thanks.

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