Carriage return starting notes instead of new item

When hitting return on android mobile, the cursor starts to create a note rather than a new item. Works fine on PC in the meantime. I’ve restarted phone, refreshed, etc, still same result.

Clicking on empty bullet and hitting return will create new bullet, but if there is text it will create a note.

On Oneplus 8 pro with chrome and with app, and using gboard.


To elaborate on the issue which I’m also experiencing (Pixel 1 + Gboard:

Return on Android starts a new line which is neither a node nor a note. Moving away causes any text that was entered to be appended to end of original node.

I’ve found adding some kind of delimiter before hitting return (e.g. a space) makes it work correctly. Hope that helps as a workaround and diagnosing issue.


I’ve made a patch that should hopefully fix this issue in an upcoming release!

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Hi Shira, any news on when it might be released? Thanks

Should have been out with the last deployment! Let me know if it works.

Does it create a new line in the content or does it go to the note section? If you type a few characters, it should be easy to spot based on whether the text is black or faded.

Hello, I think it’s new line in the content. I’m on white / black, and the new line is the same colour as the previous one.

Will be fixed in the next release!