Capture to Inbox?

Hi, I noticed on the pricing page that Capture to Inbox is a pro only feature. I’m confused by this because I have a free account, yet I’m able to send a link to my inbox. I don’t have the free trial either because I’ve had my account for awhile. Will I eventually loose this capability, because that would really suck. I am on the beta version of the app, maybe that has something to do with it?

How are you sending links to your inbox?

“Capture to inbox” refers to this feature specifically. With a free account you can still set an inbox and use the mobile app to share things to your inbox.

Ah, I see. I use my phone’s share menu to capture links from my browser to the app. It looks like the pro feature is just to jot a quick note to your inbox wherever you are in the app, if I’m understanding correctly. That’s a relief, because I’ve come to depend on the free share to inbox feature. Thanks for clearing that up. :blush:

Yes, that’s totally correct. Capture to inbox is a shortcut dialog on web/desktop only.