Capture to inbox shortcut goes global on desktop app


Version of your desktop app? Is it newer than v1.0.40 as mentioned in the OP?


I understand the need, that would be a separate feature request though.

Sorry if I wasn’t being clear – this announcement is about the shortcut going global. Basically the shortcut used to only invocable when you’re in the app, and now the shorcut is invocable wherever you are. The floating thing by Omnifocus is a separate widget/window that we need to make, which is out of the scope of this update. You can go ahead and make a feature request if you’d like though.

I hope that’s understandable.


I’m not sure what version it is… I’m on Mac OS and normally I’d expect to see “About [appname]” in the main menu dropdown but I don’t see it for Dynalist. Looked in settings and I couldn’t find it there either. How do I check?

I downloaded the app within the past week and I DL’ed it from your site so I assume I have the most up to date version.

It’s OK, I understand if the “omnifocus style” floaty box thingy is outside the scope of this update, but I am right in thinking that the Dynalist app is supposed to come to the front when I hit the shortcut from another app right?

P.S. I just retried it just now it seems to work now. I’ll let you know if the bug comes back, I’m normally a pretty big user of the “clip to inbox” functionality so I’ll try and use this regularly and let you know if there are further issues.


You can do that by choosing the “About” option in the main menu (menu icon at the top right corner).

Sorry that’s not the case for Dynalist for some technical reason. You’d need to restart the app at least once to get the latest version :grimacing:

[Free Windows App] Please disable global shortcuts

It could be because you’ve restarted the app since the last time the issue occurred, which probably means it won’t happen again :slight_smile:


The desktop app has to be running in order for the global shortcut to work, yes?


Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, it needs to run, otherwise it can’t listen for the shortcut.