Capture to inbox follow up poll 2: additional secondary inboxes

Just to get some quantitative data about how to improve it next:

Poll 2: additional secondary inboxes (this is more complicated)

  • Just the primary inbox is enough
  • 3 secondary inboxes would be nice
  • 5 secondary inboxes would be nice
  • I’m thinking about some other number (please comment)

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You already have implemented methods for look for documents (cmd+o) so why not use second input to search for document and have unlimited secondary inboxes?

For speed, I guess. Typing anything would require access to (possibly vague) memory and typing.

Having secondary inboxes still require additional actions, you need to choose one from a list. I don’t know how you implemented recent change in file finder, but maybe it’s possible to copy this mechanism to show (under the second input) documents which were used recently as inboxes. I would myself go even further and use the same mechanism as in ‘move item’ to attach item under chosen document or item, that would be even more flexible.

Is “capture to inbox” similar to “fast add”? I’m assuming “fast add” would be an extension to this feature.

Unlimited inboxes could be handled quite simply I think. When a user presses Ctrl+Shift+I, and the thought box pops up, below it, or next to it, would be a list of other inboxes, sorted by most recent usage, and the default inbox that pops up is the most recently used one. Holding Shift and clicking could allow you to send to multiple inboxes, and clicking once would send to the new inbox, and that would then become the most recent one.

Yes it was called “Fast add” before we started implementing it.

Could you explain why that would be an extension? Here’s the original description:

How about an option to add as first sub-item in the inbox rather than the last?

Will vote in the both for additional inboxs. For example one in “home” document, one in “work” document.

Rather than a fixed number permit an arbitrary number with a pop up listing them if there is more than 1. The most recently added could go at the top of the list, or the end of the list. Need a way of removing them also…

This? Capture to inbox follow up poll 1: position to send to

Personally, 1 is all I want/need.

That said, my general thoughts on “multiples” for anything tend to abide by the ZOI rule.

Interesting rule, never heard of it before…

I always imagined a quick add to be able to quickly append info to any document, not just one inbox. tbh, I’m actually fine with 1 inbox!

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I don’t really see the disadvantage in secondary inboxes as pinned drop downs below the capture box (exactly like the move dialogue) - there is all that empty space, why not use it?

Or indeed like this person suggested - typing and pressing enter sends to primary Inbox, but there is an additional optional dialogue box to choose a list like the move dialogue to send the item anywhere you like (and then perhaps with the 5 most recent choices below just like the move dialogue)

One concern might be distraction. When you want to capture some thought that can be easily forgotten as it comes up, seeing any extra text in the app foreground might be a distraction.