Can't upload image whose source is the browser

Steps to reproduce

Open one window of browser to a page with an image. Open second window to Dynalist.

Click on image and drag over to Dynalist, or copy image and try to paste in Dynalist, as seen at

Expected result

Dynalist uploads image and gives a link to be copied.

Actual result

In Chrome or Firefox with dragging, image immediately moves to Dynalist, but it’s only in the browser, not Dynalist’s servers. On refresh, the image is gone.

Dragging from Chrome to Firefox, “Drop file here to upload” screen appears, but nothing happens when I drop the file; it just disappears and the screen remains the same.

Dragging from Firefox to Chrome, some html is copied.

Copy and pasting, nothing happens.


Linux, Chrome and Firefox

Additional information

Dragging images from my file explorer or system image viewer into a browser window works as expected.

Additional comments has a link to which is broken.

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I’m having almost the same experience here, in Chrome (79) on Windows 7 (SP1).

If I drag and drop an image from one Chrome tab to my Dynalist tab in Chrome, the image appears where I drop it, but without the image being uploaded or any Markdown being generated.

If I copy the image and try to paste it into Dynalist, nothing happens.

Only if I download it to the desktop and then drag and drop it to Dynalist, does it work as expected.

Sorry for the late reply. I believe Drag and Drop with images on other websites isn’t supported right now. It only works when you upload a file from local computer.

You can instead use Right click → Copy image, then paste into an item in Dynalist.

That shouldn’t be the case, I’ve just tested this and it seems to work just fine (Windows 10/Chrome 79). Any chance you’re copying using a cursor select instead of the right click menu?

I’m right-clicking on an image in Chrome and choosing “Copy image”. If I then paste into Word or TextMaker, the image appears; if I paste into Dynalist, nothing happens.

That’s weird, I seem to be able to do it just fine, only difference is Windows 10.

Could you try to paste into this site and show me what it says:

I figured it out!

It’s not Windows 7 (I know because I just reproduced the same bug on my new Windows 10 computer), it’s my beloved AutoHotKey script, one of the first things I installed on the new machine, which among many other things does substitutions when I paste into Chrome or Dynalist, for example replacing Wikiwand with Wikipedia and formatting each URL as [hostname](URL), because of how I like to have my web links formatted in Dynalist.

As soon as I told AutoHotkey to “Suspend Hotkeys”, I became able to paste images into Dynalist and into your Clipboard Test (finally generating a nonzero result). And another strange behavior I couldn’t make sense of, and was about to mention here in case it was relevant, also went away: no longer does pasting into Dynalist cause formatting (bold, links, etc.) to be stripped, both upon pasting the first time and upon subsequently pasting into other applications.

I’ll have to go back and see if I can tweak my AutoHotKey script so as to still make substitutions but no longer strip formatting. [Edit: This turns out to be very hard. So I set up an extra hotkey for pasting: one hotkey strips formatting and makes substitutions, another hotkey does neither.]

Phew! Sorry to have cried wolf.