Can't unarchive backups on Mac

Steps to reproduce

Open Dropbox folder where my backups are kept as zip files. Double click file. (Also try setting permissions to read&write, unlocking file, etc.)

Expected result

Zip file should unarchive as a folder or file(s) on my desktop.

Actual result

Error message:

Unable to expand “[backup name]” into “backups”. (Error 1 - Operation not permitted)


Mac OS X version 10.12.5

That’s bad, @Shida could you take a look at this and see if you can repro this issue?

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Sorry I somehow missed this post! Seems like I can get my backup files to decompress on mac with no problem:

Not sure why it wouldn’t decompress on your end. Is it happening to every backup file you get?

Also, would you be able to quickly try decompressing on a different OS?


I don’t have easy access to another OS, but I downloaded the app 'The Unarchiver" and used that instead of the default Apple Archive app. This app has more detailed error reporting and it identified one particular file as causing trouble and let me skip that file while unarchiving the rest.

Looking at that file, it seems to be a combination of two different outline files. Because some of it is personal I don’t wish to share it, but it looks corrupted to me. I will delete it and hopefully that will fix the problems in the future… I’ll check again after tomorrow’s backup.

Thanks for your help.

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Got it, thanks for helping us dig deeper.

Hopefully if you can figure out if it’s something weird with those documents (maybe special characters?) we’ll be able to see if we can apply some fix on our end.

Just as a follow up from my previous post, has this been happening with every single one of your backups? Has there been a backup file that worked?

I signed up for pro on the 10th, and the first backups are from the 11th. The corrupted file was already there, so no backups from the 11th till the 16th can be unarchived without skipping the troublesome file (using the Unarchiver). However, since I deleted that file, the new archives made on the 17th can be opened using the standard system utility without any trouble.

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Ah I see. Well, let me know if you ever found out more about this problem.