Can't scroll version history bar

Steps to reproduce

Open version history for a document, press “Load more” (repeatedly) until it loads enough to go past the window. Attempt to scroll down to load even earlier version.

Expected result

Version history sidebar scrolls so you can go back further than the last ~15 versions.

Actual result

Version history is not scrollable, making it impossible to go back to more than the most recent versions.


Chrome Windows 10.

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I noticed something similar, I believe there was some kind of error in a recent deployment in terms of CSS styling that caused the layout to prevent scrolling. Will be posting a fix soon.

Seems like an issue with our code that somehow worked properly with older versions of Chrome, but was recently “broken” by a chromium engine update that I guess is supposed to fix an improper CSS behavior.

Either way, after some tweaks it’s now properly working on latest versions of Chrome. Will be deployed soon.

I used to use classic Google Tasks with a Chrome extension that prettified the interface using CSS. Every couple of months a Chrome update would completely break it. The original maintainer was long gone, so people in the community would have to hack together fixes and backdoor install the patched extension.

Google eventually shutdown classic Gtasks, which luckily enough forced me into finding a much better service: Dynalist! :slight_smile:

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Wow that’s interesting to hear haha. I believe the patch is now live on web, so hopefully that’s it’s fixed for you :smiley:

Yep, can confirm it’s fixed for me!

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