"Can't save" red error happening around the same time every day

I’ve noticed that around 12pm UK time (GMT+1) I’m unable to save and see the red “Can’t save” error. This usually happens for a couple of minutes before recovering.

There have been issues like this in the past that were caused by some users sharing many documents, so I’m wondering if the current issues are also caused by some “rogue” users.

I’ve noticed on the status page that uptime has dropped below 100% for many of the days in the past few weeks, which matches when I’ve seen issues: status.dynalist.io

@Shida are these periods of unavailability showing up in the backend monitoring?

Yeah we are aware of this, it usually happens for about a minute or two (sometimes up to 5) and comes back up. Unfortunately last few times we investigated this it is due to a legitimate heavy pro user. I’ve attempted working with the user in question to improve things but sadly their use case is quite unique, especially with the collaboration setup, and we weren’t really able to make any significant impact.

At this point it would be really difficult to solve this because it is due to our existing protocol and architecture not taking into account that someone could be using the product in such an extensive way. I think making protocol changes is going to be too risky for now, so there isn’t much we can do.