Can't open dynalist desktop app on win10

Steps to reproduce

Install dynalist, double click to open.

I don’t know what’s wrong, it worked this morning but suddenly disappeared. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, doesn’t help.

Expected result

Open the dynalist on win10, it will show the window

Actual result



Win 10 Pro Version 2004
1.05 desktop app

Additional information

It shows in task manager but not in taskbar.

Additional comments

Any suggestions?

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Same issue happened to me a couple of minutes ago, after restart of the Desktop app. My wild guess that it is due to background update.

Same OS as OP: Win 10 Pro Version 2004

I have a similar issue. It was working earlier, but now when I click the link it isn’t visible (seems like it doesn’t open). There is no icon in the system tray, but task manager does show it as running.

I’m running Win10 Home version 20H2
Dynalist version 1.0.5

I have the same problem with Win10 1909 Dynalist 1.0.5 since a couple of hours! Dynalist ist shown in the Task-Manager twice, but no window has been opened.

Same issue on Mac here as well

Working on a fix right away!

Should be fixed now, sorry about that!

Launching it again should work, if not, terminate all Dynalist processes and launch again should work.

It came back on. Thanks @Shida

I can see it is ver 1.4.4 (i did not know the version before the issue).

Yes it’s resolved, guess it’s related to system update? don’t know why. Thanks @Shida

Yeah… 1.4.3 basically crashed on launch (I totally forgot we changed the engine code). Luckly the updater still works so once I pushed the update the “crashed” app could still fetch the update.

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Very nice ! Thanks a lot for the quick action!

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