Can't navigate with Page Up/Down keys

Steps to reproduce

Go to Dynalist home page. Press Tab until I can start editing. Press Page Down.

Expected result

Scroll the view, but also move the cursor/caret down in list, and continue to edit in Dynalist, similar to how Ctrl+Home/Ctrl+End work.

Actual result

Page scrolls, but in Firefox, navigation/editing keyboard shortcuts no longer do anything, and in Chrome, caret remains in original item (which eventually scrolls out of view). In Firefox, have to press Tab again until back in edit mode, but it’s back at the top of the page. In Chrome, editing and navigation keys cause the view to scroll back to the previously edited item.


Windows 10, Firefox 54.0.1, Chrome 59

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Hmm indeed that’s what I see with chrome. I’ll discuss with our team and see if we can implement something that’s intuitive with the page up and down keys

Every now and then I find myself expecting caret to have moved too.

I’m having this issue on Firefox. Moving quickly up and down a document is almost the only thing I can’t do with the keyboard. I’m surprised this seems to be so far down the list if it’s affecting everyone else too. Unless I’m missing a different shortcut?