Can't leave image description empty

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create item with raw content ![](

Expected result

Image renders.

Actual result

Image doesn’t under unless the ‘image description’ (i.e., the stuff between the square brackets) is non-empty.


Web app on OS X


  • There’s no technical reason why image descriptions should be required.
  • This forum, as one of many examples, doesn’t require image descriptions.

Can confirm. I think it’s something with our Markdown parsing algorithm.

@Shida should the person to take a look at this.

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Will fix right away!

Is it ok if we show a default “Image” text? Otherwise the box would be empty and look really weird.

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Do you mean changing (a) changing the raw content of our items to read ![Image]( or (b) leaving the raw content as is but using “Image” as the fallback description if the user-supplied description is empty?

IMO (b) is preferable.

We’ve implemented option (b). If it’s empty we’ll just display “Image” on the box, but we won’t touch the raw content.

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Update: this is now fixed in the latest version. Woohoo!

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