Can't import from Workflowy OPML because it turns all underlined text into <u>text</u>

I wanted to move from Workflowy but I need underline functionality. I could write a script to convert the OPML to Dynalist’s format, but as far as I can tell Dynalist doesn’t support underline at all?

I’d also need the ability to transfer all my text highlighting and text colors before I can properly move everything across.


Dynalist uses markdown to support ** bold, __ italic, == highlight, `` code, and ~~ strikeout. Underscore is not one of these. With custom CSS (a paid feature) you can change any of the above to have underline styling. Meanwhile for the for the sake of importing you will want to replace the underscore annotations with one of the above.
Within DYNALIST you can do this by doing Select-all, click on the hamburger icon, and replace <u> with one of the above annotations. Also replace </u>. Or you can do the replacement before importing.

Hey Alan, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this is a no-go for me because I already use the other formatting, so by mapping to one of those I’d be losing info/meaning.

Markdown supports HTML (which would always be cleaned, of course), and custom flavors/parsers/syntax are very common, so there’s no inherent limitation due to use of markdown itself (not that you really implied this).

I didn’t know about highlights with == - that’s pretty neat, but unfortunately I’d need different colors, like Workflowy has.

I see that there’ve been a few threads requesting this quite a while ago, so I’m not holding my breath here - just wanted to let the devs know so it helps them see what (prospective) users want/need.

DL has 6 colors that apply to a whole line but that isn’t done through markdown. DL markdown does not support HTML unfortunately. Myself I found strikethru useless (there’s already checked-off which does the strikeout) and italics are hard to even notice, so I ended up customizing everything (but not bold and code styles) to be cyan magenta and yellow colors.