Can't enter any text into iOS app

Steps to reproduce

I can’t enter any text using the app when tapping on an item like usual, but can using the mobile browser. The app does allow me to expand and collapse nodes, delete nodes, etc. But the keyboard doesn’t pop up when I try to enter new text (it does on all other apps on the phone).


latest iOS version, turned off all CSS tweaks within dynalist.

Could it be that you accidentally entered the Lock Mode? Please see the lock icon at the top right corner and see if it’s active (blue).

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That’s it! Thanks Erica.

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Just a note: today i found i could type, but i could not add or remove nodes using enter or backspace, on my iPhone. I killed the app and restarted and now i can. Don’t want to write a full bug report because i can’t reproduce.

That’s a weird bug, and even weirder that it gets fixed by restarting the app.