Can't disable / update CSS files for stylish chrome extension

I’m not sure what’s happening here, but I can’t disable my CSS assets from stylish chrome extension for some reason. I disabled them all here ( I had a lot of stylish test files) :

Then I reloaded my browser. But I still see the CSS assets that my stylish files were using on dynalist

I tested one of my documents on (default color tag orange)

  • chrome incognito
  • Logged in dynalist
  • No stylish extension installed

In above instance, the styles here are all the standard-defaults that dynalist uses

However, when I run this scenario:

  • Chrome
  • Logged in dynalist
  • Stylish chrome extension installed, styles AND extension disabled

In above image, my CSS files are still being loaded into dynalist despite the fact my stylish extension is disabled as well as my styles. That’s why my color tags look different here. I reloaded my browser as well

Is @piotr powerpack caching my stylish CSS? Or Is dynalist caching it? (or maybe its my browser?)

I’m not sure why I can’t just outright disable all my stylish CSS assets on chrome, because if I can’t disable it I have issues modifying it as well. Something is going on under the hood that I’m not understanding

ah nevermind I figured it out I had a tamperscript running in the background

something to do with how userstyles are installed with stylish

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