Can't copy/paste on the browser interface of Edge dev

Steps to reproduce

  • open dynalist in the browser Edge Chromium dev (cf below)
  • select a text (either a “title” or the content under it)
  • press ctrl+c (or right click and select copy)


  • create a new line and press ctrl+v (or right click and select paste)

Expected result

I should be able to copy/paste

Actual result

nothing is copied/pasted


Window 10 1909
Edge Chromium : Version 84.0.488.1 (Official build) dev (64-bit) - the latest dev version

Before I go and grab a dev version of Edge, do you know if this happens on stable Edge, or any other stable releases of browsers like Chrome, Firefox? I’m doing this on Chrome/Win10 and it works just fine.

No I don’t have the other version of Edge. But I just found out that I have the same bug on gmail and google docs so it’s probably not a dynalist bug but a Edge bug. So I am sorry for having bother you with this. I also tried dynalist on Chrome and I don’t have the bug. I have open a ticket on the edge forum, and will let you know how it goes.

Got it, thank you for reporting back!