Can't change selected text color

Steps to reproduce

Add this to Custom CSS:
::selection {
background: #3c4452;

Expected result

Selected text should have this shade of grey:

Actual result

Selected text has this shade of grey: #1b222e


macOS 10.15.4
Chrome 81.0.4044.129 and Desktop 1.3.4

Additional comments

I’ve tried named colors (like “red”) and it works 🤷🏻‍♂

Your CSS seems to work for me.
Since we’re dealing with custom CSS, I’ve moved the thread to #help.

Thanks, Shida.

I ended up changing it to #bbbbbb which shows up as #6d6d6d (good enough)


That’s still pretty weird… I’m assuming you didn’t set any transparency? How are you finding the result color, using a color picker?

Maybe the theme is setting a transparency on your selection… Otherwise I can’t imagine what could be different. You could use inspect element to check the selected text’s ::selection css

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Worked for me too:



I was on light theme though. Are you on a different theme?

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Yes, I was on the Dark Theme. Maybe that’s why

Still can’t repro on dark theme. I’m on Windows Chrome, maybe Chrome is doing something funky on macOS.

Try replacing the color with something like rgba(60, 68, 82, 0.99) and see if that helps. If not I don’t know what else you can try… looks like the browser is doing some weird calculation.

It would be useful to share a screenshot from your devtools too. For example on my end it’s clear that it’s being set by the <style> tag, which is the custom CSS, and it’s overriding the default theme.


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