Cannot delete document with long file name

Steps to reproduce

I was restoring a document from a backup. I opened the .txt file backup and copied it, then created a new document in Dynalist. I accidentally pasted the entire backup file as the file name of the new document, resulting in a long file name.

I tried to delete the document.

Actual result

A dialog window popped up. The title was “Deleting document”. The text was

Are you sure you want to delete the document "…

followed by the content of the backup file. This filled up the entire dialog window, and there was nowhere to say “Yes” or confirm that I wanted to delete the file.


Windows 10, latest Windows app.

Additional information

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Additional comments

Sorry about that… what an interesting bug.

We’ll fix this bug, and in the meantime, could you please PM me the ID of the document so I can delete it for you?

Update: document is successfully deleted. Going to fix this issue with super long document names soon.

Sorry for the late update, this bug should be fixed since August 2018.

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