Cannot create new item in mobile phone

Steps to reproduce

Use a mobile phone, type abc, hit enter, type def

Expected result

Two items, abc and def

Actual result

One item, two lines, abc and def


Which operating system are you using? Which browser are you using? If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist?

Additional information

Anything else you think would help our investigation, like a screenshot or a log file? You can drag and drop screenshots to this box. For large amount of text, try putting them into something like Pastebin.

Additional comments

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reporting this bug.

I cannot repro it in the latest mobile app though, so could you please take the time to answer the questions under the “Environment” section? At this point I don’t even know it’s the mobile web (inside a browser) or our official mobile app.

Thanks in advance!

It was in the native mobile application. The bug disappeared after reboot. I cannot reproduce it now either. Thanks.

I see, thanks.

Please let us know if the bug comes up again! Sounds annoying and we’d love to have it fixed if it’s reproducible :slight_smile:

Hi @Chris, we’re cleaning up bugs and closing this for now.

If you someday the bugs comes back and you can repro it, feel free to tell us to re-open it, or start a new bug. Thanks for understanding!