Cannot copy item list item by dragging in Firefox 63.0.3 on Mac

Steps to reproduce

  • Open Firefox
  • Browse to
  • Try to copy list item by dragging it with Ctrl pressed.
  • Notice dragged item has a small text box that says “Copy 1 item”
  • Try to release the mouse (I’m actually using the trackpad) to copy to new location

Expected result

Item copied to new location.

Actual result

Item not copied, “Copy 1 item” box still visible after releasing mouse button.


  • macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
  • Firefox 63.0.3

I will take a look when I have a chance to open my mac testing machine tonight. Sorry about the delay!

Friendly ping :slight_smile:

I can reproduce this issue on Firefox/Mac 10.13.6. Doesn’t seem to happen on Chrome and Desktop app.

It seems like firefox is somehow interpreting Ctrl+Mouse to be right click. Either way - the correct way should be using the command key instead of ctrl for “Copy”.

We’ll have this tracked in our issue tracked and fixed as soon as we can.

Sorry again for the delay!