Cannot change Easter-asian Font

Steps to reproduce

From recent on, whenever I start Dynalist, the Easter-Asian font isn’t “楷体”, no matter how many times I switch it in settings.

Expected result

I’d like to see the Easter-Asian font in my Dynalist is changeable.

Actual result

It cannot switch to “楷体” when I made any change about Easter-Asian font in my settings.


OS: macOS
Browser: Vivaldi
Desktop application: Dynalist 1.4.4.
No third-party scripts for Dynalist.

Additional information

Here I’ll show 2 screenshots. The first one is the screenshot before I encounter this bug, and the second is present.

The second is now:

It always happens, every time I open Dynalist either uses a browser or desktop application.

Additional comments

I’ll highly appreciate your work on solving this bug, as “楷體” used to be the only font I use when I typing Chinese and traditional Chinese.

Could you check if this happens in other browsers?