Cancel Account

This is getting kind of ridiculous. I was charged for a Catalyst License because apparently I subscribed to Dynalist awhile ago. I don’t remember to be honest but that’s beside the point. I don’t want a refund. What I want is to cancel my account and the subscription. The things is I have tried all my emails and I can’t seem to find my account. On top of that there is no information on how to directly contact Dynalist for help, there is nothing on the documentation, no email, nothing.

Can please someone tell me how do I cancel whatever I have with Dynalist and move on? I have the transaction number if needed.

If all the email addresses you tried come up as no Dynalist account, that implies you’ve never made a Dynalist account. I don’t think Dynalist ever had anything called Catalyst License.

Obsidian does tho. Try logging into Obsidian instead.