Can you transfer the ownership of a list?

Can you transfer the ownership of a list?

No, transfer of ownership is not supported right now.

You can give them “manage” rights, which gives them all the privileges other than kicking you out.

Do you want to transfer the list in the sense that you no longer want to see the list yourself?

Hi Erica,

Yes, I created the initial version with one account and want to “give it” to another account I created. As a consultant, one of the email addresses will get turned off in the future so I just wanted to migrate work to a different account. Thanks for the quick reply!

If you don’t need to access the revision history, you can simply make a copy of the existing document.

If you still need the revision history, leaving the old account as the admin is fine. The new “owner” can do everything with the “Manage” level permission.

Does that answer your question?

Hi Erica,

A copy is perfect for my needs - I just tried it out.
Thanks, this answers my question - cheers!

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Fantastic! Let us know if you need anything else :slight_smile: