Can we look into adding a tableā€¦Dropbox Papers can add a simple table

Can we look into adding a tableā€¦
Outlines are very vertical, and it would be refreshing to have the opportunity to a horizontal view within the listā€¦


This is a much requested feature and I hope it will be added soon.

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I mentioned markdown improvements by working with Typora in another thread. Typora has really simple WYSIWYG table insertion and editing with markdown for the underlying text-only representation.

Integrating with them might be a really nice way to support a whole bunch of richer-text formatting in a de-facto-standards-compliant way.


I was just checking out Roam Research, an outliner app VERY similar to Dynalist and Workflowy. They have a simple solution for adding tables. Itā€™s essentially just another way to view a bulleted list.


Alem, discussing that mechanism here: Table View