Can the ESC key un-focus all fields, as clicking outside the doc does?

I put a lot of links and markdown noise into my notes, so when I’m focused on / editing one, it’s a jumbled mess of code and long URLs, etc. I’d like to be able to press ESC (or any keyboard shortcut, really) to return my item to “rendered Markdown mode”, just like clicking anywhere outside the document does.

Or is there a shortcut to toggle between “read only” and “edit” modes?


Me too! I would love a read-only mode. It could be the same thing as selecting the current item so it’s highlighted, but then if you move up/down it should move the selection up/down (not extending the selection, just moving).

It would be a lot easier than the WYSIWIG some people are clamoring for.

On mobile there’s the Lock Mode, unfortunately not on web/desktop at the moment :frowning:

@Aaron_Wright: this is similar to this other feature request, right?

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I didn’t mean lock mode. I meant where you can select and move stuff around but the key is never entering edit mode until you want that.

Ah, yup — same request, basically. Heh.

Ok, so there will edit mode (default), lock mode, and select mode.

What I think we’ll do is to add a way to enter select mode, just like lock mode. I see you mention this in a number of places, while no single feature request accurate describes it.

I recommend copying over/adding how you imagine it to work here: Select multiple items on mobile, which may lead to more discussion on it :slight_smile: