Can one use Dynalist as a file format instead of an online service?


I find Dynalist a very powerful tool to capture thoughts and organize things in general. I think it would spread more widely if it’ll be positioned as a file format rather than an online service. Just to clarify a bit more about what I mean about a file format - I think that many of the features are similar to the ability to underline characters in a word/whatever document. I would not be surprised if it’ll be copied sometime soon as such ability to one of the Linux distros.

Basically, Dynalist offers some kind of a file system, with this extremely useful feature of dynamical collapsing/expanding bullets, tagging text, etc. But - it’s not offering other, extremely useful features that Google Docs offers. So, to me, it makes sense that you partner with one of these file-system-as-a-service providers and enable them with such ability.

Perhaps a Chrome extension would be a good start, but really you guys should think how (i) you get more people to use it - creating value (ii) you get something out of it. It may well just be that you’ve helped many people organize their thoughts. I believe there are other ways as well.

Thanks, and sorry if this already exists/you’re working on something similar. I guess you’re all very smart people.

OPML is the common file format for outliners, Dynalist included. I agree OPML does not encapsulate the folder/document structure, but that part is similar to how folders on the OS work, so OPML files inside folders should be able to encapsulate what you see in Dynalist.