Can I Just Paste the URL Text?

When I paste an URL such as
Dynalist inserts


I’m all the time typing something like:

[My Human Readable Label]()

and then trying to paste an URL in between the () and it really isn’t helpful to have Dynalist try to format it as Markdown!

We posted about the same bug URLs recently started pasting as full markdown with the url cloned in the title area too

My workaround until it’s fixed is to use the “unformatted paste” hotkey, which is set to cmd-shift-v on my macbook. It’s a useful key in Google Docs too, or any app that annoyingly includes the formatting along with the text.

There is also a feature request to support the cmd-K hotkey where it turns text into a link via popup Keyboard shortcut for links

Someone posted an applescript but I don’t know how to use it.

Oh, huh… I never really thought about “Paste and Match Style” (Cmd-Shift-V) as meaning “unformatted paste”, but that makes a lot more sense than “matching”. And, of course, as “unformatted paste” you’d expect it to paste the URL without markdowning it.

Good observation!