Can I force the mobile version of the website on desktop?

If I resize my browser window to a smaller height, the layout of dynalist changes. I like it better. Is there a way to make it permanent at all window sizes? Perhaps there is a mobile toggle in the URL? I don’t think I want to use Chrome developer tools to spoof mobile since that’s not permanant across all my machines, tho.


Hmm, you can zoom in, but maybe you don’t like that either.

There’s no toggle with option or URL, unfortunately. I know some people like it better but it’s not as efficient in my opinion as the desktop view, so we’re not actively promoting it :confused:

Why not save Dynalist as a Chrome PWA (Progressive Web App)?

Resize the window till you have the mobile layout and subsequently everytime you open the app it should open with thay particular sized window. At least that is how Chrome works on Windows.

I don’t know how to do that sort of stuff

Maybe custom CSS can hide the sidebar or trigger that layout

edit: maybe not. i dont see anything on google to change
<body class="MacOS is-desktop">
<body class="MacOS is-mobile">

Apologies, my CSS game is weak. I meant in Chrome, go to the menu, Create Desktop Shortcut or some such option. I am unsure of how Mac Chrome shows this option.