Calendar integratiorn with O365

Most of the lazzy developers stick with the (too) open Google environment. However, most business use O365. So, it should be great to have calendar integration with O365 as well.

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Lazzy is certainly not true at all.

Anyway, if you really want it, there are ifttt and zapier recipes to sync a google calendar to a o365 calendar for example

I’d second the desire for office 365 intergration both on calendar and backup feature.

I’ve just moved away from Google exclusively to Office 365 (i know many others who are doing the same).

Still strange why so many productivity tools only support Google ecosystem, while M365 has the biggest install base and has lake functionality for these productivity tools like Dynalist. So, much appreciated of there will be support to integrate with The M365 calendar (2-way) and backup / file storage to OneDrive

Well, 365 is pretty new. Dynalist was created several years before 365 existed.

I would guess Dropbox and Google are still the most popular. It’s hard to find that info tho

Of course, it’s always nice to have more options.

There are ways to sync Onedrive from a Google or Dropbox folder, if you’re willing to make a burner account on them.

wasn’t aware Dynalist focus on consummer markt only. I’m talking about install base for the Google ecosystem vs O365, where Microsoft is much larger. But undertsand the limitation of focus.

Here’s how to sync dynalist to office 365 calendar in the mean time, until direct integration occurs. The procedure should work for any calendar website/app that supports .ical URLs