Caching of images displayed on hover

I’ve added images to a few items. When I move the cursor to one of them it takes a couple of seconds to load and then the miniature is displayed. If I move the cursor out and then back in the image appears immediately (must be cached somewhere?)

But with multiple images only the last one viewed stays readily available. Every time I move between images I have to wait for them to reload.

I would very much prefer it if the images were loaded only once and didn’t disappear every time I look away. =)

So my question is can I achieve this with some local settings or should it be a bug report?

  • what’s a miniature? a preview pic?? a thumbnail preview??

  • what’s the use case for this? why so many images?

sounds like add to bugs/features section

Hmm, I have to agree with you guys - there isn’t a setting for it, AFAIK, so it’s either a bug or feature request, but likely a bug in terms of that this might not have been accounted for and isn’t working and reliably as it should. cc:@Erica.

We didn’t do any caching, so it would be entirely your browser.

Maybe your browser only caches the last loaded image on a page?

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The caching you’re talking about is browser caching. This is dependent on information sent by the server in the header.

@Erica possibly useful links:

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I don’t think @dvasyukova is necessarily talking about images uploaded to us. If she uses an image from Imgur, for example, we have 0 control over how it’s cached.

And yes, we do have control over Amazon S3’s header, thanks for the links.

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I added some images from different sources to my list:

  • some random publicly available images
  • some images I uploaded to Dynalist
  • some photos from my Dropbox

I used the network tab of Chrome inspector to measure the time it takes for the images to be displayed. With the first group it’s about 1 ms regardless of size, so they must come from the browser cache. The second and third groups behave like I described in the first post - they are reloaded every time.

I checked the chrome://cache in my browser and urls of all the images in my list are there. But somehow they aren’t used for the Dynalist and Dropbox hosted files.

I thought the difference might be along the private/public line and tried turning on the “Allow others to access via link” option in Dynalist settings. But images uploaded before and after that behave the same.

When looking at some small images I uploaded to Dynalist I saw about 1 second spent in Waiting (time to first byte) and about 200 ms of actual image download in the network requests.

As for my use cases I take notes for some data analysis projects and I often need to include plots and graphs to illustrate my points. I also keep a journal and sometimes want to add photos to my entries.

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Thanks for the follow-up; that clears things up a lot!

We can tell the browser to cache our images, but we can’t do anything about the Dropbox photos. Maybe they have a setting somewhere for this.

Thanks for clarifying your use case! That totally makes sense.

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I noticed a status change on this thread and just wanted to confirm that dynalist-hosted images are now cached properly and displayed without delays. Thanks for this! :smile:

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