Button to un-complete every item in document

This could also ask the user to input a range or a parent item and un-complete all items within it.

I have a bunch of daily tasks that I check off every day, and it feels unnecessary to have to go through and un-check them every night, (which I do so they are ready for the next day).

Recurring tasks will not really solve this because I guess those would reset at a preset time, whereas I sometimes have late nights and want to control when the reset happens.


Have you tried drag to select multiple items and uncheck them at once?

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No but wait, there’s something off with the checkboxes in Dynalist.

I was just about to post a “show checked” and then toggle checkboxes solution when I realized the checkbox on a parent doesn’t toggle the checkboxes on its children.

Here, let me show…

This is how parent/child checkboxes normally toggle:

And this is how they behave in Dynalis at the time of writing:

Making this behavior follow most “toggle checkboxes” rules would 1) solve @Matt_Groth’s problem, 2) make checkbox behavior consistent


You got me there, no I haven’t :joy:

I’ve also noticed that if you complete an item, it automatically loses the connection to its parent. And I agree this feels a bit inconsistent.


Turns out selecting all and hitting the shortcut only toggles completion in the top most items in the selection. Given the problem we just identified that some items aren’t always tied to their parent’s completion status, I again want to request that there is an easier way to toggle completion in a group of items. For now, I am back to doing it one by one. :sleepy:

You could just completely avoid using checkmarks, I just use CTRL+ENTER to cross out something, CTRL+ENTER again to uncross it out

Then again I do everything on a PC, if its mobile its probably a different story

I don’t see why you are at even unchecking so many items (I would only uncheck something had I had to revisit the issue), have you considered just copypasting a clean template into each new day instead?

Yes, I do that too.

[quote=“Vincent_Tang, post:7, topic:543”]
I don’t see why you are at even unchecking so many items (I would only uncheck something had I had to revisit the issue)[/quote]

recurring daily todos

Interesting idea, but it wouldn’t work for me because I am constantly changing these lists

Having a base template could still save some time though.

Tip: you can drag while holding Ctrl to copy over items, that would make copying the templates over a little faster.

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@Erica regardless of use-case and alternative solutions, does Dynalist consider the way parent+child checkboxes are linked in their check/uncheck toggle behavior as To Be Fixed or as the way it should work?

For me, toggling the parent should always (un)check all child items.


I’m not sure I understand what you mean by copying over. I assume on Mac you mean command-key? Nothing special is happening when I drag with command.

Is this issue still being considered? As far as I know there’s no other way to uncheck multiple checkboxes without doing it manually, which isn’t really convenient.

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Not sure how much of this thread you read, but have you tried this?

Search for “is:completed” → select all → Ctrl+enter to uncheck

I would also like the ability to uncheck a group of checklist. In my case, I have a long check list with different groupings for what I needed to pack when traveling. When I reached my destination, I would like to group uncheck everything without unchecking each item manually. I need to uncheck everything because I use the same check list to make sure I have everything before coming home.


@Dan_Wu @Matt_Groth released in a recent update: http://blog.dynalist.io/2018-week-37-update/