Button for duplicate in mobile mode

As stated above.


It’s a nice idea, but the toolbar on mobile keeps getting more and more crowded… :thinking:

I have a idea for this, add a feature to customize toolbox, as in to pick only the features we will use.

Also replying to the thread, I would really love to see this implemented.


This is actually possible, but you need to use a soft keyboard with either an alt or ctrl key - then you go to dynalist Web and set a second shortcut for duplicate as e.g. ctrl + l, and you have duplicate on mobile (ps, it’s nice!)

I think that would be an overkill for this, and due to the level of complexity and customizability of this, it would very likely be a Pro feature.

Being able to do it somehow would be nice though, I agree.

Just bumping this up since it can be useful to mobile users.


For a time logging process i want to implement this Feature is ESSENTIAL. Process: pick task, DUPLICATE, append current time, MOVE to Time Log.

Even apart from this logging idea, there are exactly 2 issues that force me to put down a phone to find a computer:

  • when i need to multiselect
  • when I need to copy something

If endless buttons isnt desirable, a More button that pops up a text menu of additional commands (like the hamburger on desktop) would be nice.

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This used to work for me, however, once my “Pro” trial expired, it no longer seems to work, despite the Ctrl+d shortcut being mapped to “duplicate” – other keyboard shortcuts will work in the Dynalist Android app, like Ctrl+Shift+m for Move Item (using Hacker’s Keyboard or other similar keyboard with Ctrl, Alt, etc keys), but not Ctrl+d.

In Chrome (which apparently extends to Chrome on Android), Ctrl+d is mapped to “Bookmark current page”. So when I try Ctrl+d in Dynalist on Android Chrome, that’s what it tries to do.

In Android Firefox, Ctrl+d doesn’t do anything, despite other shortcuts working (Ctrl+Shift+M for Move Item being my main test case).

This did seem to work, for some reason, when I had a Pro subscription, even with the default Ctrl+d shortcut. (Not sure why Ctrl+d would work in the mobile app with Pro, but not without.) Since customizing keyboard shortcuts is a Pro feature, without a Pro subscription this basic function is impossible on mobile (not to mention for iOS users who don’t have a spare Android lying around, like I do, just so I can do this duplication).

NB, it only seems possible on Android, not iOS, because, to my knowledge, there are no soft keyboards on iOS that can send meta-keys like Ctrl and Alt. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

Here is my main use case (though there are others):
I keep a checklist for my daily routine, and each day I like to copy the template so I can check it off for each day. This seems like a common workflow that can be used for many repeating type of lists – anything that needs to be done multiple times that can benefit from a checklist.

A workaround that I’ve found is to keep my list template in its own document; then I can use the “duplicate document” feature in the document sidebar to copy it to a “temp” document; then from within the “temp” document use “move” on the top-level item to put it in my daily to-do lists document, or wherever I need it. (One could also just use a new document for each day, and file all the old ones in a subfolder, but I’ve opted for a different approach for now). Then, delete the now-empty “temp” document.

This is a bit of a pain because it’s 3 steps instead of one, but at least it works reliably and across mobile platforms. On desktop I can do it in one step by pressing Ctrl+d.

This seems like it would be an easy candidate to implement, since the “duplicate item” functionality already exists, it’s just only accessible on mobile for Pro users who are also on Android.

I understand the hesitation in adding another button to an already-crowded toolbar, but I, for one, am grateful for every single item on that toolbar, even if I have to scroll left and right a bit, because it makes functionality otherwise impossible, or very difficult, to do on mobile accessible. And I would be just as grateful for the addition of this one.

I would also like to say that I am a great fan of this software, and am very grateful to you guys for making it available. It is the closest thing I have found to the to-do list / outlining software that I dream about when thinking about making my own.

For what it’s worth, please add this as a strong vote toward adding an easy way to “duplicate items” on mobile. And hope my workaround is helpful to some others in the meantime.

To answer your question about why Ctrl+D doesn’t work while Ctrl+Shift+M does:

Dynalist comes with default shortcuts and empty but customizable shortcuts. Ctrl+Shift+M is a default shortcut. Duplicate item is an empty shortcut by default. I’m guessing you set it to Ctrl+D at first, so you remembered it as the default shortcut for this action.

You can tell which ones are default and which ones are set by user in the keymap. If there’s this “restore” button next to a shortcut, it means it’s not default and has been specifically set by the user.

I hope that helps! And thanks for your suggestion on bringing duplicate item to mobile, that’s really helpful.

Thank you, Erica, that does make sense and is helpful. I had forgotten that “Duplicate Item” was a blank shortcut to begin with.

So, if you set up custom keyboard shortcuts for items that have no shortcut by default, or change some of the default shortcuts, and then your Pro subscription expires, does that mean that those shortcuts that you set and/or customized will cease to function as long as you are on the free plan?

Am glad to hear that the suggestion was helpful.

That’s the intended behavior, yes. We consider customization features like keymap, custom date format, and custom CSS advanced features that power users want, and so included them in the Pro package. When you Pro expires, these customizations will cease to function, otherwise a user can enjoy his customization forever by paying for a month or just with the onboarding 14-day free trial.

Sorry for the paywall but we gotta feed ourselves to keep working on Dynalist :sweat_smile:

Any thoughts on getting that Copy function?

You mean multi-select copy?

Even single item copy. For phone. Where keyboard shortcuts are impossible.

Understand the need to make money, and I don’t have a problem with that; it’s a nice app and you guys deserve it. I was just wanting to clarify how that worked. So thank you.

I think copy of a single item, including all of its sub-items, was what was being discussed in this particular thread … multi-select copy would be nice, but seems like a whole other thing. (Plus, you can already easily do this on the desktop.)

Ability to use the existing function of duplicating a single item (including all of its sub-items) on a mobile device with no keyboard support seems like it would be more basic and needed before multi-select on mobile, plus many cases of multi-select could be served by the fact that all sub-items are copied, IMO.

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Good news, this is now a spare option in the latest customize mobile toolbar UI.

See here for more info: https://help.dynalist.io/article/140-customize-mobile-toolbar

no way! I am excite!