Button for duplicate in mobile mode


As stated above.


It’s a nice idea, but the toolbar on mobile keeps getting more and more crowded… :thinking:


I have a idea for this, add a feature to customize toolbox, as in to pick only the features we will use.

Also replying to the thread, I would really love to see this implemented.


This is actually possible, but you need to use a soft keyboard with either an alt or ctrl key - then you go to dynalist Web and set a second shortcut for duplicate as e.g. ctrl + l, and you have duplicate on mobile (ps, it’s nice!)


I think that would be an overkill for this, and due to the level of complexity and customizability of this, it would very likely be a Pro feature.

Being able to do it somehow would be nice though, I agree.


Just bumping this up since it can be useful to mobile users.


For a time logging process i want to implement this Feature is ESSENTIAL. Process: pick task, DUPLICATE, append current time, MOVE to Time Log.

Even apart from this logging idea, there are exactly 2 issues that force me to put down a phone to find a computer:

  • when i need to multiselect
  • when I need to copy something

If endless buttons isnt desirable, a More button that pops up a text menu of additional commands (like the hamburger on desktop) would be nice.