[Bullet's notes area] Keyboard shortcut to go to First line?

For long contents in an Notes area (ie Shift Enter accessible), any keyboard shortcuts available for reaching to the FIRST line of the notes?

Tried Home and Ctrl+Home.

It’s kind of a hack, but Ctrl+A and then Left seems to work.

Could you give that a try?

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Perferct, that will save me hundreds and hundreds of clicks.
Thank you!

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Wait, the recently added shortcut to go to the start of the bullet also works within notes I think - I’m so used to ctrl a, left I still use that though :slight_smile:

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@Stephen_Dewitt, you’re totally right!

@CHIANG_E: you can use this and save one keypress:


Yes, the key works. This one is keyboard assignable. And, it also works in both bullets and notes like “Ctrl+A, Left”, great!


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