Bullet Drag and Drop Improvements


Would be nice to be able to:

  1. drag and drop bullets to deeper indentation levels
  2. drag a bullet onto a collapsed bullet and have it added to the collapsed bullet

This is something that i miss from using Workflowy and would really like to see implemented into DynaList.


There’s so much I love about Dynalist, but this is the one thing I really miss from Workflowy!


I agree!!! I use this so often, and when WF implemented it it made everything so easy!


Me too! Even though I moved from Workflowy to Dynalist almost a year ago, I still find myself trying to do this and getting confused when it doesn’t allow me to! If, like me, you really like to collapse away stuff so your document stays fairly clean, this feature would be a huge time-saver.


Wait…did this get added? Whoo-hoo!!! Thank you!