Building more powerful email-task management with integromat automation (or similar)

Hey people,

I am testing some automation stuff with integromat:

First, I wanted to organize my IMAP mail-inbox with dynalist.
But having all mails in dynalist was not easy, because dynalist is no mailviewer or editor.

Often I have mails, which I want to tasks for later or organize as information in dynalist.

Currently I test this workflow:

  1. I move mails to work later with in a special IMAP folder as unread
  2. Integromat fetch new mails in this folder and generate a nice node inside dynalist
  3. Now I can organize this mail as I want: as task, as information in my lists, …
  4. I have quick-buttons for each mail. clicking that will open a webhook in integromat and make the mail unread.
  5. Now I can easily find and work with this mail in my mailprogram.
  6. I even can archive or delete a mail out of dynalist with this webhook.

For now this seems pretty good working to quickly organize mails inside dynalist and get work on them back on the mail-program.

As operation-count with integromat is limited I think about a custom implementation with PHP-scripts.

I wonder if someone else would be interessted in that stuff? What else automation you can imagine of (e.g. moving checked dynalist-tasks to finished folder automatically)?

Cheers Fenyem


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That seems awesome. I have tried integromat several times but I can’t seem to figure out their user interface. Could you perhaps explain a little more in detail how you treat your emails and how you convert emails to tasks and so on?

  1. You need the have a trigger and fetch emails regulary.

  2. Use Integromats “Dynalist - Send to inbox” to create your mail

Hope that help a bit to get into the topic.

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