[Bug] Renaming a Bookmarked Page doesn't update within the 'Bookmarks' Panel

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a new document. Let’s call it ‘Oranges’
  • Bookmark the page
  • Rename the page from ‘Oranges’ to ‘Apples’
  • Go to the Bookmark panel. Page still listed under the bookmarks as ‘Oranges’

Expected result

Page name is updated.

Actual result

Bookmark panel keeps the old name.


Mac desktop app [latest version] using Mojave 10.14.4 [latest version] on a Macbook Pro 2018

Jamie, I think this is intentional behavior.

I often use bookmarks for different saved searches on the same document. I wouldn’t want the bookmarks to keep the name of the document – I want them to have custom names that describe the search I’m running.