Browse Functionality for Move

If I pick the Move command, I might not know the exact description to get to my target. Even if I did know, it might not be a unique name.

It would be useful to be able to expand and move through the documents in the Move dialog until I find the target, and then click on that.


This didn’t seem to get any traction, so would like to add my vote and more details for my use case

I use Dynalist for task management (which I know you keep saying isn’t Dynalist’s core purpose) and rely heavily on the Move function to get new actions and information from the inbox to the right place in my various project plans or lists, also in Dynalist in separate documents, which can themselves get quite large and details.

However, the cognitive load of trying to remember the node name of the destination is just too high, especially as I might have created the original plan several weeks earlier or moved things around in the interim. Therefore it takes a lot of trial and error with the Move search bar, or I have to dump it in the nearest parent I can find and then have a secondary step of switching to the destination and re-sorting there.

Being able to navigate to the place in any document where you want the item moved to would make the Move function much more useful.

Possible solutions

  1. How Checkvist does it (it was my original suggestion to them a few years ago when I used Checkvist, so I feel entitled to say this isn’t just copying another app :wink: )

They did a great job with the keyboard navigation combined with search bar and it’s really slick:

  1. OneNote 2016 app drag & drop: mouse only, but this could nicely tie together the new Dynalist behaviour being able to drag a node into another file, and the other feature requests for a left-hand nav panel and/or TOC style tree in the sidebar.

In OneNote 2016 you can drag a note (==Dynalist node) into the navigation panels. If you drag and pause onto a notebook or section that’s not open, the navigation changes to show you the contents of the notebook/section (==Dynalist file/outline top-level contents) you’re trying to drag to so you can drop it in the right place (including Dynalist expanding a tree node you paused on)

Thanks for considering


Agreed. I mostly just cut and paste. Using the move command unless I am 110% sure, just seems to risky.

Thanks for expanding on this, Stuart. I will amend your OneNote description to say it also has a Move Command and it gives you a searchable expandable list of documents and folders you can move to.