Bring checkbox list back and keep individual checkboxes

Hi folks,

to have my tasklists clean I really miss my checkbox lists. Moving one item to the todo-list would automatically get a checkbox. Unfortunately this does not work any more. My lists getting messed up since this change. :frowning:

So my suggestion is, to bring the checkbox list back while keeping the individual checkboxes.

Why not introduce a checkbox list option comparable to the “number children”. You could replace the “Add checkbox to children” for that. Then the “Add checkbox” can extended to a kind of Tristate-Option:

-1 no checkbox eveb when parent is checkbox list
0 Take checkbox option from parent
+1 force checkbox independent if parent is checkbox list.

You could mark the three states by different symbols, that changes depeding of the item checkbox state.

Here is a mockup to illustrate the idea:


What do you think?