Breadcrumb bar doesn't strip formatting characters for display

Steps to reproduce

  1. Make nested bullets with MD formatting, e.g., bold
  2. Observe that as you drill into the child items, the breadcrumb bar item formatting is neither rendered nor stripped, resulting in bad display

Expected result

MD formatting should be either rendered or stripped in the breadcrumb bar

Actual result

MD characters such as ** are displayed


macOS desktop browser, FF 57

Additional information

Additional comments

DL approach is to render MD formatting only when you click into the item to edit it, so I don’t understand why that’s not the case in the breadcrumb bar. I frequently bold headers, e.g., for projects, which looks good in the page. But when you go into that project’s items, you don’t see the bold text, etc.

I’m fine with either stripping MD completely in breadcrumb bar, and rendering as plain text, or actually showing items there with their MD formatting, which I assume may be trickier. Converting to plain text seems easier, and would allow you to see more of the title anyway.

I searched for previous issues on this, #908 is the closest one I found, but it’s not quite the same.

Similarly, the same criticism is applies to quick open dialog box, either show formatted text or strip to plain text. Lmk if this should be a separate issue; I don’t want to spam the board too much.

Also noticed in desktop app title

Can all of these cases be run through a process like this for display?

Can repro, will fix when we can. Thanks for the bug report!

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Sorry for the super late fix - markdown should be stripped in the latest web app now, coming to desktop app soon.

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Hallelujah, that fix is long overdue. I noticed instead of stripping MD, we’re actually applying it, including hyperlinks, so I hope that doesn’t open up the possibility of some other defects. But it looks great so far in my testing, thanks!

For the quick open comment from Nov '17 above, I noticed this can be handled by renaming bookmark to remove the MD formatting chars that were there before.

You’re right, in one case where the item contains only a tag, clicking on the breadcrumb stops working. We’re gonna fix that.

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