Bookmarks not syncing on Windows 10

Hi. I have a Surface Pro 4 tablet/laptop running the Windows 10 Pro (version 1803). My Dynalist client (latest version 1.17) works fine other than the fact that bookmarks don’t sync in either direction. This was also the case with the previous version of Dynalist, so it’s not something that has just happened with v1.17. Other data seems to be syncing with no problem. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the Dynalist client but it has made no difference. My office desktop machine, also running Windows 10, syncs everything including bookmarks OK.

Hi @Mark_Goodson,

Could you please try the following:

  1. Make sure all data other than bookmarks are synced;
  2. Close Dynalist;
  3. Delete everything under “%APPDATA%/Dynalist/dynalist/data”;
  4. Start Dynalist.

Let me know if that makes bookmark sync normal again.

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Thanks Erica. That did the trick! Working fine now.

Cool, glad to know! Please reply here if it acts up again. It’s usually just hiccups :slight_smile: