Bookmarks - Keyboard Shortcut

Within my current workflow, I have some bookmarks which are static, and others which are dynamic. It would be great to have a keyboard shortcut to add and remove temporary bookmarks quickly when editing.

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Yes, a shortcuts for “bookmark this list” and “unbookmark this list” would be great.

I’d love a shortcut for “Jump to Bookmark 1” etc. I have a dashboard document that I jump to regularly; it would be great to assign it to a key combination.


Now that you’ve introduced a search facility for keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to find them - can I give this thread a bump? :wink: :crossed_fingers:

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Agreed. Lack of keyboard shortcuts (to add, remove, edit) is one of the main reason I don’t use bookmarks.

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Erica will take on this soon!


:smiley: I’ve always liked Erica

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I’d like to bump the bookmark request. It would be really handy to assign a keyboard shortcut to certain bookmarks (GTD) : Inbox, Projects, Someday maybe, etc.

I implemented this myself using macros (AutoHotkey on Windows, and BetterTouchTool on Mac). For me, cmd-1 moves an item to ‘Someday’, ctrl-1 jumps to ‘Someday’, ctrl-2 for lower priority, etc… Macros are great, because you just write down the absolute minimum keystrokes it takes you to do a task, add a few milliseconds pauses to account for javascript lag, and remap that list to a single hotkey.

But, it’d be great for everyone if this was a stock feature.
+1 vote from me.

It’s WILDLY useful, by far the most used hotkey in my daily work. It lets you shuffle items around back and forth in a flurry. Highly recommend it to everyone, even if it takes a third party app in the meantime.

The downside is, if you mess up a macro, or some lag makes an input get pressed too quick, it keeps doing the list anyway, so it can do all sorts of zany things. I got my little millisecond pauses down pretty reliably eventually.

Do not use bookmarks, only use on browsers