Bookmarks bar doesn't highlight active/current document

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a document that is bookmarked
  2. Open bookmarks bar.
  3. See that it isn’t highlighted

Expected result

The document I am viewing should be highlighted (which may be a subjective opinion).

Actual result

It doesn’t change in appearance.


Which operating system are you using? Which browser are you using? If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist?

Ubuntu, Chromium

Additional comments

Also might be nice if documents in the were blue if they’re shared, so that way if you have multiple copies, you know which one you’re working on.


Great point! This should definitely work if the bookmark points to a document.

What do you think should happen if the bookmark points to an item or even a search result? Should the highlight appear when you’re in the same document, or does the zoom/search term state need to match the bookmark exactly?

I’m thinking the latter, for consistency’s sake. But different people probably have different idea about what counts as “being in a bookmark”.

Thanks and sorry for throwing another question at you :sweat_smile:

Ah, I’ve never done that. Sounds like something that should have a keyboard shortcut for it. (Kidding.)

I think that the former is simple, so that you know what document is currently being affected, in the case I’ve provided, anyway. If it links to an item elsewhere, I guess it could highlight all of the other relevant documents, and if it links to a search result, then it could do the same there, too. But I don’t know how useful that would be, as one may as well use search for that.

Also, I realized that “is:bookmarked” doesn’t work for search. It doesn’t have to be listed, I guess, but it might be useful if the file pane isn’t open?

You’re welcome, no problem. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the input on this :slight_smile:!

Hmm, I’m trying to figure out under which circumstances you would need this. Enlighten me?

I was thinking about if someone wanted to have the file pane closed, and had several bookmarks for whatever reason, they could do a search for query is:bookmarked and then find all bookmarks that talk about that topic.

But perhaps a better way for this would be to put results for items that are bookmarked on top of search results, the same way it is for documents?

I think it would be a rare use case, come to think of it, as hashtags would be better suited for the job and could be used for dozens of things.

Moved to this feature request, so closing this for now, since it’s not a bug per se. Cleaning up bugs :slight_smile: