Bookmarklet to insert custom text?

I would like to be able to quickly paste a link to another section of Dynalist using a button. I am thinking a bookmarklet in my browser bookmark bar. But I don’t know javascript. Any help?

Use case: After pasting a quote from an ebook, I would be able to push a button to paste the link to a node I have for that book.

Type [[ and then a few characters of the node

Maybe a javascript canned paste bookmarklet is possible but dynalist does stuff based on keystrokes, so even if you get it working to insert text, you might need to still type another character to get it to save. It won’t be as easy as a normal text form.

I know some people use things like Autohotkey and on MacOS some use text expansion (its an OS feature, if you type blah it becomes [blah](dsfgdfsgdfgdfsgdfs) or whatever you want.

Hi BigChungus

Thanks for your responses. Actually, shortly after writing this query, I rummaged around a little more and discovered someone in the forum mentioning PhraseExpress. That does exactly what I needed! And I got so excited playing with it that I forgot to come back here and say that my problem has been solved.