Bookmark finder (shortcut)

It would be nice to have a quicker way to jump around my bookmarks. It is already possible with files (Ctrl+O) and all items (Ctrl+Shift+O). It would be amazing if there would be the same functionality just with bookmarks.


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Just to make sure I understand correctly - you’re suggesting a finder exclusively for bookmarks, correct?

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@Shida Yes exactly :slightly_smiling_face: Then the user is able to jump between the bookmarks without touching the mouse. For me personally the bookmarks are the main way to navigate around Dynalist.

The regular File Finder (Ctrl-O) shows bookmarks at the top of the results, so if you can search accurately that should get you 90% of the way.


Two years of Dynalist and I never realised this :open_mouth: Thanks!

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@philipp thanks for you request. @shida thanks for your good reply!