Bold/Italic Styling Options in the Mobile App

Please considering adding bold/italic styling options to your quick-action bar. Would be super helpful.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


+1 here!

I’ve just started trying Dynalist, after being an avid Workflowy user years ago.
I’m VERY surprised to see it’s not possible to format in rich-text on the mobile app!
Quite a significant drawback, as this is such a BASIC thing. People are using rich text for decades now…

Please consider. At the moment the only way I have to make one word stand out in a sentence is by writing it in CAPITAL :upside_down_face:

Hi TomTom, fellow user here.

As you noted, there aren’t any dedicated buttons for styling on mobile. But you can still easily style the text using Markdown. Enclosing text in double underscores will show it in italics, and enclosing it in double asterisks will make it bold.

More info in the help docs.

Hope this helps!

That’s time-consuming, though, especially the “doubling” requirement. If we could customize our markdown so that only single asterisks or single underscores would be needed, that would help. As it is, when I’m in a hurry, I also use ALL CAPS instead, because it’s quicker.

Now that we have the custom mobile toolbar in Dynalist apps, it would really help if we could add buttons such as the following to it: bold, italic, hyperlink, copy, cut, paste, select text…

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I agree with @Alex_Avenarius

Especially on mobile, fiddling with markdown is a pain in the ass. It can be difficult enough at times to just tap at the start/end of a bullet in the right place!

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