Bold font

this is a normal font

  • *this is the bold font * *
      • *now this is the normal font if you unbold it * * * *
            • and now this is the bold font if you do it again * * * * * *
                                      • *in the end, a text can get full of asterisks without you noticing because the system only adds more and more asterisks each time you bold or unbold * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

probably its not a bug… but it feels like one :sleepy:

I agree it’s probably a bug! I wonder how you added that many asterisks in the first place though :slight_smile:

because sometimes I want normal font, or sometimes a stronger font.

There’s no stronger font than bold, try heading 1-3 instead?

stronger font than normal font. :slight_smile:
nothing non usual…

I meant, sometimes I want to bold it, and sometimes unbold it (for example, 3 days later), and if you do this change often, it fills with asterisks

Hmm, it should remove the asterisks rather than adding more. At least that’s what I see on my end, no matter if you select “text” or “*text*” when pressing the shortcut again

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I tried today and it worked normal.
but sometimes just adds more and more.

I’ll keep watching and tell you anything thanks :slight_smile: !

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