Board view (like uchhh) Workflowy

The board view the competition has implemented is really nice. Especially as you can choose to have it per item.

Hope this will implemented as well

whats uchhh?

Uchhhh :slight_smile: I was coughing due to talking about the competition.

Ah. Others have requested this too. Unfortunately Dynalist doesn’t have a full-time developer - they spend more time developing Obsidian. Unfortunately Obsidian is at least 10x as popular as Dynalist ever was. At least if you go by their respective discords chatter. They just fix things here and there usually, so my gut feelings is to expect new Dynalist features to arrive on the years timescale (probably hand-me-down code from Obsidian) rather than the months timescale.

Thanks, If I could use obsidian instead I should do. But the information I get they are totally different and therefor complementary to each other. It’s a shame to understand dynalist will be not or slowly improve. Then I have to look into Wokflow . Especially the Mirror funciton Workflowy have is supper great.

I’m not sure this is definitive. Obsidian has taken a lot of time so far, but the last of the major features is now available to insiders. Once that’s tweaked and public, the pressure on development time will reduce substantially.

Try them both out.
Dynalist has a lot of extremely useful features that workflowy doesn’t have. Workflowy has a few interesting but questionably useful features that dynalist doesn’t have. I don’t expect workflowy to advance at a significant pace either - it took Jesse literally a decade to add hyperlinks, just about the most basic feature imaginable. Well, not Jesse, but the team he hired to re-make workflowy from scratch a few years back. I still find Workflowy really annoying to use and come back to dynalist every time.


I was curious to know what main features Obsidian had just implemented and saw that they added WYSIWYG to the product. The developer discussed the WYSIWYG for Dynalist since 2016, so we are definitely the forgotten child here. To be honest, I don’t think development will improve here at Dynalist as develoepr doesn’t want to hire more people and Obsidan is much more popular.

What I’ve seen is this thread Visual editing (WYSIWYG)
which is full of views for and against. It was originally expressed as an aspiration, with a discussion of problems with implementation - Visual editing (WYSIWYG) - #123 by Shida
With Obsidian, WYIWG like Typora was part of the promise t launch.

Dynalist (web database outliner) and Obsidian (an overlay on local markdown notes) are very different products. The key requirement for development in Obsidian is ensuring no data loss; in Dynalist there’s a need to preserve function as well as data. The user demographic is different: Obsidian (student and programmer oriented) and Dynalist (task driven). imho the differences make Obsidian a more forgiving test environment for new features.

I don’t know what technologies Dynalist is built on, but the WYSIWYG in Obsidian is built on Codemirror 6 which is only recently out. It uses the Typora style of hiding the markdown once the cursor has moved away (not universally popular in the above thread). There will be a process of adjustment to make the move from the launch editor (Codemirror 5). In Dynalist, as mentioned above, there will also need to be some substantial rewriting of the codebase as part of the process.

Personally, I think there’s as much validity in seeing Obsidian as a development practice run/guinea pig as there is Dynalist as a forgotten child.

Obsidian implemented a combo of WYSIWYG and markdown editing so if they chose to port the line editor tech they could provide both in DynaList as well.