I’d like to suggest a format for blockquotes.

Code blocks use the (`) syntax, and many markdown programs also allow for (>)

For example,

typing “> Paragraph one”

would look like

Paragraph one


Particularly annoying that there’s no support for blockquote when I am creating notes from external markdown that includes ‘>’, which nearly all other markdown tools support.

Agreed, I would love to see this feature added

Yep just running into this issue bringing in notes written in markdown!!! Blockquotes are super common please implement :slight_smile:

I’d also like this feature please :slight_smile:

It seems odd to be able to have code but not block quotes.

Yes this would be great, I have a workflow that transfer files between different tools, it will be nice to be able to sync them up, be able to incorporate all the common markdown features will be very nice.

There are a lot of other features that I would consider nice to have, but blockquotes are the only one that I regularly actively notice are missing. It makes Dynalist feel a bit incomplete for note taking.

I would love to see some movement on this quite common markdown feature.

So, what about the blockquote?