Blank lines at start of note skipped by Up arrow

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create an item with a note whose first line is blank. For example:
  • Foo
    [blank line]
  1. Place cursor at Bar2
  2. Hit Up arrow

Expected result

Cursor moves to the previous (blank) line of the note.

Actual result

Cursor skips blank lines straight to the item title “Foo.”



Additional comments

This might have been by design, but I definitely think the behavior should be fixed/changed—it bites me countless times daily.

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I’m not sure but it might be because of the same thing as this one: Down arrow at end of second to last line skips last line

@Shida what would you think?

That’s actually a completely different bug where the newline character doesn’t add into our measured size of the box because of Chrome.

A patch is ready and it will be deployed soon.